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dental assisting: an automation-proof career

these days, many careers are seeing the impact of automation, artificial intelligence (ai) and robotics. as you embark on a new career path, you can rest assured that your decision to begin dental assisting training is a wise one. this is a profession that has been flagged as one of the top careers safe from computerization.

according to a recent study by oxford university, may healthcare professions, including dental assistant, have a low risk for automation. since these jobs require direct caring for patients, high levels of dexterity and social awareness, humans are simply more equipped to carry out the role rather than robots. so what does the role involve?

dental assistant tasks

as a dental assistant, you’ll play a key part in the dental office. your primary role will include performing tasks that support dentists and hygienists. it’s your job to help the practice run smoothly and improve patient care. dental assistants can expect to prepare treatment rooms by following specific protocols. you’ll help prepare patients for dental treatment by welcoming, comforting, and seating and draping them in examination chairs. you many also provide information to patients and employees by answering questions and requests. these aren’t exactly the kind of tasks robots can fully tackle, yet.

a growing industry

not only are dental assistants highly unlikely to be replaced by a.i. anytime soon, the bureau of labor statistics says: “employment of dental assistants is projected to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. the aging population and ongoing research linking oral health and general health will continue to increase the demand for preventive dental services.” it is a job that pays well, doesn’t look like robots will be doing anytime soon, and can lead to a rewarding work life with many personal benefits.

how do i become a dental assistant?

dental practices want to hire assistants that either have experience or are certified by a recognized academic institution. a certificate from eastern college of health vocations will put you on the fast track for hire in this exciting field of dental assisting. your new career is as close as a click, or a phone call to our admissions office. you can reach our little rock campus at 501-568-0211 or our new orleans campus at 504-736-0654. contact us today. classes fill quickly.

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dreaming of dental assisting

so, you spend a lot of time each day wondering about the best jobs for the future. you want something secure, rewarding and anything but boring. it’s no secret that healthcare careers are on the rise. dental assisting is an excellent healthcare career option that allows you to quickly transform your training into real-world applications. there’s a growing demand for people to fill this role and many who enter the field find it to be just what they were looking for, in terms of work-life balance. could this be your dream job, too?

what is dental assisting?

like dental hygienists, dental assistants enjoy employment at a dental practice. the roles, however, and training to pursue these professions, differ more than you may expect. the duties of a dental hygienist are primarily connected to patient treatment, which can be in-depth at times. due to the detailed medical duties, becoming a dental hygienist requires a more advanced degree, and consequently, longer time in school. the road to becoming a dental assistant is a bit more rapid. rather than spending years in a classroom, the hands-on skills you learn in our program can soon be applied to your new career! as a dental assistant, you’ll use the knowledge you’ve gained to handle a variety of duties around a dental office, like:

  • maintaining patient records
  • preparing patients for procedures
  • assisting dentists during exams and procedures by handing instruments
  • instrument sterilization
  • appointment scheduling
  • performing x-rays
  • patient education
  • ensuring patient comfort

sky’s the limit

while many find a career in dental assisting both fulfilling and rewarding, the truth is, it’s a career that can open the doors to many opportunities for specialization and advancement. you could choose to work at an orthodontics, periodontics or pediatric dentistry practice. as your skill-sets evolve, you can take on additional responsibility and become an expanded function dental assistant, become an office manager, or even attend additional schooling to become a dental assistant instructor, dental hygienist or dentist one day!

if career satisfaction, job security, and a day to day role that is far from mundane sounds like your kind of career, contact us to explore our dental assisting program at eastern college. we’ll walk you though the next steps and give guidance so you can make the correct decision for your future. in the meantime, we invite you to peruse our other blog topics to learn more about becoming a dental assistant and what to expect one you embark on your new career.
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