new orleans eastern college covid-19 letter

covid-19 update

eastern college of health vocations students:

i continue to be deeply grateful for all you have done to make transitioning to distance educational as smooth as possible. these are certainly challenging times now and in the near future but, one thing i know about our eastern college students, you all can get it done!  under current guidance from state officials, we will continue to educate via distance learning until it is safe to gather in mass again; we will soon be back to our norm and resume classes at the campus as quickly as possible.  we must all continue to do our part in helping to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus; therefore, in accordance with the both federal and state guidance, eastern college will remain closed at its physical location until monday, june 1st, 2020, or until it is deemed safe to gather in mass again, when we will resume classes at normal times.  classes will continue to be delivered electronically until this time.  please read the following carefully:

emergency financial aid grants to students

under the coronavirus aid, relief, and economic security (cares) act

the u.s. department of education has made emergency financial aid grants available to students of our institution who need financial support for their expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to coronavirus.  this application permits students to apply for these need-based grants.


campus administration will use the information you provide to determine your eligibility for a grant and the amount for which you will be eligible. each student will be eligible for only one grant, made in multiple payments as long as funds remain, and only one application will be considered per student. please fill out this information completely as checks will be mailed to the address provided on this application. only active students who are participating in courses, who are in good standing and eligible to file a fafsa will be eligible to receive a grant.  each student is eligible for up to $1500.00 dollars in grant money from the cares act grant.  money will disbursed in 2 payments; the first one will be a check mailed immediately and the second disbursement will be sent at the end of your program.  the amount of the first payment will be based on successfully completed classes.  deadline is may 7th for the initial application process.

again, thank you all very much for your understanding and diligence and we look forward to seeing everyone on june 1st.  in the meantime, we will continue to have the campus staffed and will be available to help or answer any questions you may have.  you can contact your instructor directly via email or by using the remind 101 app or you may call the campus directly at 504-736-0654.  please stay safe and hang in there, it will get better.

dee enroth


eastern college of health vocations

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