4 advantages of working in the healthcare industry

embarking on life after school can be both exciting and overwhelming. on one hand, there’s a whole wide world of opportunity that awaits. on the other, there’s often a sense of urgency to land a job in the filed for which you’ve trained. fortunately, when that field is healthcare, opportunities abound! plus, there are many benefits to working in the healthcare industry. here’s just a few that come to mind for many of our graduates at eastern college of health vocations.

industry growth

there are a variety of careers directly related to health services experiencing an increase in demand for qualified applicants. as one of the fastest growing career industries in the us, many healthcare employers are consistently seeking new workers. this is leading to a competitive landscape from the employer side. increased wages and improved benefits are a positive side effect, as applicants now have many options of employers from which to choose in the healthcare industry.

flexible hours

hospitals and other healthcare centers provide around the clock care for people in the communities they serve. this means they need people to staff those hours 24/7. the nine to five work day doesn’t sound appealing? a carer in healthcare could help you find the balance you seek. need to pick your children up from school in the afternoon? you can select a schedule that allows you to work around your personal life. in addition to laying the foundation fora more fulfilling work-life balance, the non-standard work hours can give you the opportunity pursue additional training to further advance your healthcare career.

travel opportunity

qualified medical professionals are needed throughout the united states and around the globe.  with a career in the ever-growing field of healthcare, you have the exciting possibility of working in the geographical location of your choosing. nearly every filed in the medical industry is in increasing demand. from a small community to a major metropolis, you can make a difference while making money and exploring the world around you.

a chance to help others

it should come as no surprise that one of the most rewarding aspects of a career in healthcare, is the opportunity to help those in need. in fact, a desire to help others is a major agent that propels many to embark on the path to a career in the industry. when you are a compassionate person, the satisfaction of finding a way to help others while making a living can be truly fulfilling. even from the medical administrative side, you’ll have chance to impact lives in a positive way.

you can have a say so in where your career takes you. build your experiences, try new things and find what you truly enjoy as there are so many different career options within the healthcare filed itself. to start, you’ll need a solid educational foundation from an accredited school. medical assistant or dental assistant training from eastern college can give you the edge you need to land a rewarding new career in the healthcare industry. eastern college of health vocations has campus locations in both little rock, ar and new orleans, la. ready to get the education you need to start the career of your dreams? call today to learn more or arrange a tour! new orleans- 504-736-0654. little rock 501-568-0211.

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