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going back to school after starting a family

you made the commitment to stay at home with your children until they started school. or, maybe you put school on hold entirely so that you could start your family. either way, going back to school at this point in your life can be a great option to help ensure a financially stable environment for your family. in fact, many adults across the country go back to school as their little ones get older. though balancing family and going back to school can be a challenge, it’s not impossible! here’s a look at ways to help you succeed.

explore financial aid options.

wondering how to get ahead without getting behind financially? grants, scholarships and even student loans with income based repayment options can help ease the financial burden of going back to school. find out more information about costs and financial aid options available to you at eastern college, here.

create a routine and stick to it.

sure, you’ll have your class schedule and other non-negotiable timeframes to do certain family related tasks, but be sure to weave in a practical time for homework and studying. one of the best things to do when considering going back to school is to first, envision when and where you plan to do your homework. maybe it’s early in the morning before the kids head off to school, or maybe it’s after their bed time. you could carve out a specific time on the weekends to tackle the take-home work. whatever you choose, find a time and a place that meld with your life and stick with them.

invite your family to join in the routine.

if you have older children in the house, it’s a great idea lock in a time when all the homework is done together. if your children do not have homework on particular days, encourage them to read for pleasure or work on other activities like drawing or writing letters to loved ones who live far away. carving out a time such as this not only helps bring the family closer together, but also helps instill good study habits.

ask for help when you need it.

many parents have a tendency to think they can handle “it all”. while it’s true parents are often excellent multitaskers, you’ll likely encounter times when you just need a break or some extra time to hunker down with your study materials. make sure you have a support system in place before the time comes and don’t hesitate to call on these friends or family members when you need them. after all, they will recognize the efforts you are putting forth to better your family and want to see your succeed.

at eastern college of health vocations, we can help you train for a career that you can build a life around – one that you can take pride in; that makes a difference in your community; and that can offer you and your family greater financial security. a career in healthcare can offer all of those things. our career counselors would be happy talk with you about how we can partner to help you attain a degree or certification and achieve employment in your new field. reach our little rock campus at 501-380-0764 or our new orleans campus at 504-736-0654 for insight on financial aid assistance and scholarship opportunities or to connect with our supportive faculty who have practiced in the profession they teach. if you’re ready to commit to starting your promising career in healthcare, click here to take your first step.

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