medical assistant career options

if you’ve made your way to our website, you likely already know there is a great demand for healthcare workers. but do you know about the many different medical assistant career options that exist? let’s take a look at some of the potential paths you can take once you earn your medical assistant degree.

choose a specialty

wherever you choose to begin your career in healthcare, deciding to pursue a specialty can be a smart one! while it’s true some medical specialties require additional training (by hands-on experience and/or additional certification), they often offer better pay and a chance to pursue specific healthcare passions. so what are some specialties to consider?


a dermatological medical assistant aids doctors who deal with concerns and treatment and care of the skin, hair, nails. you could expect to assist with simple treatments for skin improvements or even full-scale surgical procedures for patients who range in age.


as an ekg/cardiology technician, you would assist doctors who specialize in  diseases and conditions of the heart and cardiovascular system. you could perform electrocardiography (ekgs) and possibly help conduct stress tests.


ophthalmology medical assistants help with many aspects of eye care. you could perform diagnostic testing, assist the physician with treatments and emergencies, and perform patient education.

chiropractic medical assistant

as a medical assistant in a chiropractic office you could assist the chiropractor with treatments, document health histories and help with patient education.


a medical assistant in ob /gyn assists doctors and nurses who work with women from young adulthood up through senior years. help with procedures like pap testing and breast exams, minor gynecological surgery and care for pregnant women are typical duties you can expect in this specialty.

pediatric medical assistant

if you love children, this one is for you! as a pediatric medical assistant, you would work with pediatricians to provide care for infants, children and teens under the age of 18. you may even help with parent education.

administrative specialties

administrative medical assisting might be more your style if you prefer paperwork over pulses. our courses provide a solid foundation to build on.  as a medical administrative assistant, your professional duties would likely include taking meeting notes, creating documents and spreadsheets, working on office policies and more. as you gain experience you’ll have additional opportunities to pursue work in other administrative areas, which could require additional classes.

advancement opportunities

upon entering the workforce, it’s a great idea to talk with your employer about your goals for career advancement and ask about such opportunities within your organization. as a medical assistant, with continuing education, you could go on to become any of the following:

  • clinical team leader
  • clinical office manager
  • executive medical office secretary
  • healthcare administrator
  • lead medical assistant
  • medical office manager
  • medical assistant instructor
  • medical records manager
  • transcription supervisor

becoming a medical assistant opens the door to so many possible career paths, and since the field continues to evolve, opportunities to specialize are expected to grow. with experience and education, your employment options in healthcare become practically limitless! call little rock campus at 501-380-0764 or our new orleans campus at 504-736-0654 for insight on upcoming classes, financial aid assistance and scholarship opportunities. ready to commit to starting your promising career in healthcare? click here to take your first step.

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