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signs you may be ready for a career change

there are so many paths one can take in life, and your career path is one of the most important. it is important not only for your financial stability, but for your overall sense of well-being. we’d all like to get it right the first time, but that is not always the case.

in fact, data from the bureau of labor statistics 2016 study indicates that the average length of time in any one job is 4.2 years. that is down from the 2014 study at 4.6 years, so the picture is getting worse. some of these job changes obviously reflect new titles or employers, but others signify the leap from one profession to another. if you think a career change might be in your own future? these four signs may help you decide.

  1. you are constantly tired.

all jobs can be tiring, but the right job should still leave you feeling energized, not wiped out. if you don’t actually like your job, it is taking more out of you than you’re getting out of it. a job change to a career you love will help reduce stress and the feeling of always being exhausted that go along with it.

  1. your job skills are not being used.

perhaps you chose your current job because it was necessary at the time, or maybe you just landed there by default. either way, if the job calls upon a skill-set you either lack or don’t enjoy using, or does not utilize a skill you have been trained for and enjoy, it is probably time to look for greener pastures.

for example, if your job requires you to make routine presentations but public speaking causes you extreme anxiety, you are probably not going enjoy showing up for work every day. likewise, if you are an excellent writer, but are never asked to use that talent, you may become bored very quickly.

if you are having doubts about your job, take a few minutes and jot down your strengths and skills, then determine whether those things are being put to optimal use in your current job.

  1. nothing excites you about your job.

if you’re not excited about your job, do you think you can really perform to the best of your abilities? of course not. this then becomes a vicious cycle.

but imagine having a job where you were actually excited to go to work every day and to make a real contribution. a career in healthcare may offer that excitement and reward!

making a good salary may be one of your priorities, and you can certainly do that as a medical or dental assistant, but there’s no substitute for the feeling that comes from being truly committed to what you do. on-the-other-hand, if you go to work every day simply to collect a paycheck, you are missing the opportunity to experience true satisfaction — not just professionally, but also personally.

a change in careers can help you discover the joy that comes from knowing you’re living up to your true potential. you just need to take that first step.

  1. you feel underappreciated.

do you feel overlooked or undervalued in your current job? if so, a change of pace, a new job, or a career change may provide the avenue for the recognition you deserve.  while feeling good about yourself largely comes from within, we all need a little external validation from time to time, especially in the workplace.

fortunately, these feelings can come from many different sources. for example, if your current job involves solitary or independent work, a change to a career with more opportunities to engage with people — from co-workers to clients — can help you feel valued for the contributions you make.

one of the most popular paths for 21st-century career changers? health and wellness jobs.

not only are workers in this field in great demand due to the ongoing shortage of qualified professionals, but the work is also uniquely fulfilling. to learn more about your options for healthcare jobs along with how to position yourself for a terrific new career in healthcare, call to our admissions office at either the little rock campus at 501-568-0211 or our new orleans campus at 504-736-0654.

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do you have what it takes to be a dental or medical assistant?

at eastern college of health vocations, while we understand that careers in healthcare are in high demand, we also realize that not everyone is suited to work in this challenging field. if you are wondering whether you have what it takes to be a dental or medical assistant, let’s take a look at a few things to keep in mind when deciding if you are ready to take a step toward a rewarding future as a certified health professional.

  1. you enjoy challenge.

working in health and wellness offers tremendous potential, but it can also be quite demanding – it will require study and determination from an academic standpoint, and then a solid work ethic once you enter the field.

choosing the right school for the field you desire is the first step, and here at eastern we provide the resources that not only make your learning go smoothly, but we’re here to guide you through the challenging job hunting process as well. in fact, career counseling is available even after graduation.

  1. you seek job security.

jobs in healthcare are not only secure, but on the increase. in fact, the u.s. bureau of labor statistics ranks healthcare jobs in general among the country’s fastest growing professions. some projected 10-year growth rates spike as high as 38 percent!

if a steady job with projected growth opportunity is what you seek, then — with the right training — you’ll be well-positioned to find it as a medical or dental assistant.

  1. you love working with people.

healthcare jobs by their very nature, involve interaction with people. strong interpersonal skills are critical to success in this field — whether you work in a hands-on capacity, as a medical or dental assistant, or take on an administrative role, such as in medical billing or as an office medical assistant, you will be interacting with people all day.

  1. learning is important to you.

thanks to advancements in science and technology, the field of healthcare is always changing. if you’re looking for a static career, a job in healthcare may not be right for you. but if the idea of continuing to learn and expand your skill-set through professional enrichment, then healthcare is the right choice. this field not only mandates continued learning, but rewards the pursuit of higher levels of knowledge.

  1. you want to make a difference.

we have been upfront about the challenges of a career in healthcare, but there is good news too. the demands that are put upon you, are far outweighed by the great pay and benefits, as well as the total satisfaction of knowing that you are helping others. this is not a job – it is a potentially life-changing career.

if you are still on the fence about whether or not you are ready, or up for the challenge, call one of our career counselors today at either our little rock campus at 501-568-0211 or our new orleans campus at 504-736-0654 and they can guide you towards the right decision for you.

however, if you have already decided, and are committed to starting your promising career in healthcare, just click here to take your first step.

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need a career that is safe from the onslaught of a.i. and robotics? become a dental assistant.

with so many careers being impacted by artificial intelligence (ai) and robotics today, choosing a career path that is least likely to be impacted is the smart choice. according to a recent study by oxford university, these 20 jobs will be the first to go based on a.i. proliferation:

  • telemarketers                                                    • watch repairers
  • order clerks                                                       • mathematical technicians
  • library technicians                                          • tellers
  • insurance appraisers, auto damage           • title examiners, abstractors, and searchers
  • insurance underwriters                                  • sewer workers
  • loan officers                                                     • keyed data entry
  • brokerage clerks                                               • new account clerks
  • tax preparers                                                     • umpires, referees, and other sports officials
  • cargo and freight agents                                • insurance claims and policy processing clerks
  •  photographic process workers                      • timing device assemblers and adjusters

however, according to the same study, one of the best choices for vocational training today is as a dental assistant, as shown here by the list of 20 professions deemed safe from the robotic onslaught:

  • recreational therapists                                • dentists, hygienists and assistants
  • emergency management directors            • dietitians and nutritionists
  • supervisors of mechanics and installers   • orthoptists and prosthetists
  • audiologists                                                     • elementary school teachers
  • healthcare social workers                           • medical scientists, except epidemiologists
  • occupational therapists                               • clinical, counseling, and school psychologists
  • sales engineers                                               • human resources managers
  • physicians and surgeons                              • podiatrists
  • choreographers                                              • computer systems analysts
  • psychologists                                                  • training and development managers

dental assistants play a key role in the dental office, performing tasks that support dentists and hygienists, making the practice run smoothly and improving patient care. it is a job that not only pays well, does not look like a job that robots will be doing anytime soon, but is one that provides for a rewarding work life with many personal benefits.

dental assistants can be expected to prepare treatment room by following prescribed protocols. prepare patients for dental treatment by welcoming, comforting, seating, and draping the patient, and may also provide information to patients and employees by answering questions and requests. not the kind of work that a robot could handle is it?

not only are dental assistants highly unlikely to be replaced by a.i. anytime soon, the bureau of labor statistics says that the dental assistant field is one of the fastest growing careers over the next 5 years! in fact, the bureau states, “employment of dental assistants is projected to grow 19 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. the aging population and ongoing research linking oral health and general health will continue to increase the demand for preventive dental services.”

ready to start a career that is safe from the a.i. explosion? it is easier and less time consuming than you may think. obviously, dental practices want to hire assistants that either have experience or are certified by a recognized academic institution, and a certificate from eastern college of health vocations will put you on the fast track for hire in this exciting field.

studies can take as little as seven months and over 70% of our graduates go right to work in the field. your new dental assistant career is as close as a click, or a phone call to our admissions office at either the little rock campus at 501-568-0211 or our new orleans campus at 504-736-0654. don’t delay, we only teach humans at eastern college of health vocations … and classes fill quickly.

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so you want to be a medical assistant?

are you are looking for an occupation that is not only in high demand, but gives you a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day. have you considered a career in the medical field? have you considered becoming a medical assistant? what is that you say? a medical assistant performs administrative and clinical tasks in support of health professionals like physicians and nurses. many medical assistant responsibilities are no different than those you typically observe when you go to a medical office or hospital. a typical medical assistant can be found collecting and preparing samples of various types for laboratory testing, recording information in medical systems, administering injections, and measuring vital signs just to name a few.

according to the bureau of labor statistics (bls) medical assistant careers are among the fastest growing occupations in the united states. specifically, bls states, “employment of medical assistants is projected to grow 29 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations.” after hearing statistics like this, many wonder exactly what it takes to become employed in this high demand occupation. the answer is not as complex and time consuming as you would think.

you can get a diploma or certificate to become a medical assistant in under a year in most cases! to enter a program for medical assisting you will need to apply to an academic institution offering this program. generally, to be accepted into a medical assistant program you will need a high school diploma or ged. most medical assistant curriculum include medical terminology, first aid, medical billing, math, science, and anatomy and physiology. skills acquired included performing of ekg’s, minor laboratory procedures, medical records management and phlebotomy. potential workplace include family practice centers, hospitals and urgent care centers.

employers will typically prefer certified or experienced applicants. there are various certifications that medical assistants can pursue in making themselves more attractive to employers and setting themselves up for future occupational growth. you can train to become a medical assistant in as little as ten months at eastern college of health vocations! our program offers a means of gaining a credential quickly so that you can enter the workforce sooner rather than later. what are you waiting for? apply today!


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