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    • Kali B, A Graduate of Eastern College of Health Vocations

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    • Jordan Hegarty, Eastern College Graduate

    • Martha Langston Brazier, Eastern College Graduate

      I am a 2004 graduate from Eastern College and I must say the training I got was great! The instructors were very knowledgeable and of tremendous help to all of the students. I would recommend this college to anyone interested in Med. Assisting or Dental Assisting!

    • Myklynn Meyers, Eastern College Student

      I love it here!!!! I have the best instructor 504 Gateway Time-out

    • Amanda Silk, Eastern College Graduate

  • Serena A., Eastern College Graduate

    Eastern college has very professional instructors an just awesome over all. As a dental asst. Grad in 2001 I enjoyed every learning experience that was offered.

  • Courtney Larson, Eastern College Graduate

    I loved this school so much. Everyone is like family, and they treat you so well! The teachers are all so loving and helping!

  • Isabel Martinez, Eastern College Student

    Great school! Instructors are wonderful and clearly happy to do what they are doing. Very informative... looking forward to life after graduation.

  • Shawanda Wilson, Eastern College Graduate